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About Us

Our mission is to offer the power to live intuitive and immersive experiences in Virtual Worlds

Jayson Dalpe B. Eng.

Jayson started programming at an early age and had already developed several games and cartoons during high school. Following his interest, he gained an expertise in computer vision, embedded electronics and mechanical designs. He created Exium because he is hoping to disrupt the world of gaming with his innovative ideas.

Jonathan Guillemette B.Eng.

Jonathan has always been passionate about the game in all its forms. Beyond the simple act of playing, he wanted to understand all the details of its design. This curiosity led him to acquire a Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering and a specialization (D.E.S.S.) in Game Design. Beyond the technical aspect, Jonathan is a whirlwind of creativity specialized in creating innovative game system. His goal now is to create a unique gaming experience based on the VirtualTouch controller.

Laurent Dansereau
Marketing Director

Primarly a cinematographer, but also photographer, editor and entrepreneur, Laurent has always had a passion for all aspects of the image. Armed with his camera, he travels the world and braves all weathers for the sake of a good picture. Always aiming for new ways to improve, Laurent invests himself entirely in every project he takes on. He'll be responsible of the image of Exium.

Jacques Arsenault CPA,CGA MBA
CFO & Mentor

Jacques Arsenault is an Accountant and Consultant with over 25 years of experience in reorganization, acquisition, merger and sale of companies. His expertise is in the public sector as well as the private sector. He is especially recognized for cash management and coaching different Presidents and Owners of companies in critical situations of rehabilitation, operational reorganisation or strategic development. Jacques holds a Bachelor degree in accounting from the UQAM as well as an MBA from the University of Sherbrooke. He is a member of the Professional Corporation of CPA, CGA.

Josee Courval
Social network team

Josee Courval joined the team because she strongly believes that virtual reality can change the vision we have about gaming, but more especially about education, art, training and much more. Imagine being able to ski in summer, feeling the slope under your feet. Playing instruments without having them physically. Training people before sending them on the field. Exium can bring this versatility to the virtual reality market. She will spread the word about this technology.

Thalie Keklikian M.A.Sc.
Social network team

Thalie studied in microelectronics and works with graphic processing units (GPUs). She is passionate about anime, DIY and video games, which fires her imagination. With the advances in the virtual reality field, she looks forward to actually feel the story and really become the characters of her favorite games. Born with a computer, Thalie is well versed in internet communities and social networks. She will make sure that everybody knows about the project and is up to date with each of its milestones.

Guillaume "Will" Clavel
Board Advisor, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships|Alliances

Driven by growth and fascinated by innovation. Strongly believing in the potential of each human for creating value and quality. Always opened to new contacts in order to create relations and envision possible partnerships. Experienced entrepreneur within IT & startup fields

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At Exium, we try to offer a technology that will disrupt your way of playing with virtual items. It's in the heart of every gamer to really feel the game. It's in the head of every programmer to explore virtual environment deeply. It's in the soul of every human to push the limits.

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